Imagine Music & Arts Festival 2023

Imagine is an arts collective based on Orcas Island, Washington. Imagine creates new forms of celebration and community gatherings by producing events showcasing beautiful art, music and new ideas for the future.

Imagine Music & Arts Festival achieves over 1,000 patrons with a simple and effective ticketing system that allows patrons to purchase tickets and accommodations with ease. An email system allows conformation of ticket sales both sent to the patron and notification of sales. Along with advance ticketing system that automatically export ticket confirmation at so admissions can use phone or tablet to check in remotely at the venue quickly.

With over 100 music performances, visual artists, art performance and workshops, Imagine’s website has customized pages or each artists.

Project Details

  • Extensive graphic design and visual layout
  • Featured customized slider banners

  • Integrated social media

  • Custom designed design features
  • Motion picture and video banners

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Integrated online booking system
  • Animated custom infographics

Website Build:

Project design, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, SSL, Photoshop, Embedded optimized videos, Video editing and optimization, Feature video banners. Online booking systems, Animated Infographics, Custom links and social media links.