Media Services

We design everything from simple small business websites to complex websites with membership functions, automated booking systems, business directories and eCommerce shopping carts. Our prices are lower than most web design companies and we are happy to build a website to meet your budget. The price of the site depends on the complexity of the website and programming time.

The Website You Want

We work closely together with you through the design process and make needed changes as we go. Once the site has been tested and approved, it can go live and the website is immediately on the internet. We offer training sessions with our clients to ensure they understand how to update their own websites. Once the site is up and running we offer on-going support and updates for the website.

Hotel & Booking Systems

You can offer your customers the convenience and ease of booking your services online. Whether you’re selling tickets, reserving rooms, making restaurant reservations or booking appointments, we can help you create the system and streamline the process.

Ticketing Systems

Sell tickets to your concert, retreat or conference with the latest ticketing systems. Scan tickets at the door and keep track of your attendees with cloud based or server based ticketing systems. Get notifications of sales and control your prices or offers instantly.


Selling products and services online has become the backbone of business today. Many businesses now rely on online stores for sales instead of store fronts. We provide all types of E-Commerce systems that we can customize to how your business operates.

Security Systems

Lets face it, there are people out there who have ill-willed towards others and they can exploit your website without hesitation if there is no security system. We offer the most up-to-date security systems that will protect your assets and your patrons 24/7.

Video & Multimedia

Modern websites often integrate videos and animations to to quickly and attractively convey information. Videos and animations instill a sense of professionalism and ability in a way that just plain text does accomplish. At Blooming Mind Media we specialize in creating video and animation content that integrates seamlessly in to your website. We work with the latest technology to make sure your website has a very clean modern look.

Event Live Stream

In the age of video live streaming, the industry has exploded in to a brand new way to produce events and share experiences. Blooming Mind Media has experience in live streaming conferences, music shows and weddings. We come fully equipped with all the quality cameras, mixing consoles and live stream hardware that make everything possible. We are available for hire to live stream special events so you can reach your audience in other parts of the world.

Server/Host Configuration

Navigating the modern server environment is something that can be very difficult for people. The correct setup of a hosting environment is crucial to the performance of a website. Things such s PHP memory settings and configuration of MYSQL databases are crucial to the website. We are experts in website hosts, Cpanel and server configuration. We will make sure that your server is configured correctly and running smoothly.

Online Learning

A streamlined system that allows teachers and learners to connect. Where your site can be set up with free or paid classes where prices can be fixed or subscription based. Secured login for teachers and learners profiles are secured login system.

Ongoing Support

We are here for you whether you have a tech support issue or just want to add pages and content to your website. Just let us know ahead of time and we can take care of your ongoing updates and and site maintenance.