neuroVIZR is a product that uses Neurotuning Technology designed to give multi- sensory light and sound therapy. With advance scientific research and technology involved, the neuroVIZR site is created to be streamlined, unique, and have direct sales of its product. With extensive design layouts, animations and videos, is one of Blooming Mind Media’s largest animated websites.

Project Details

  • Extensive graphic design and visual layout

  • Customized infographic with extensive layout and animation design.
  • Featured homepage video and editing

  • Embedded video and video optimization

  • eCommerce, logistics setup with payment gateway.

  • Logo Design and Custom Web font

  • Subscription setup

Website Build:

Project Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, HD featured video with editing, Embedded optimized videos, Embedded Vimeo videos,  custom links and social media links, Logo Design, Animated infographics, eCommerce and logistics system, Email Subscription setup.