Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce 2022

On Orcas Island, It’s a magical mix of arts and culture, lush forests, placid lakes and endless outdoor possibilities. Charming villages of Olga, Deer Harbor, Westsound and Orcas Village dot the island as centers of culture, art and cuisine.

With all of the community linked to the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce, we have created a directory system with advance categories and search systems that allows all visitors to search over 400 listings in the website. Furthermore create beautiful layouts and systems that allow the site to create new listings with users.

Project Details

  • Extensive graphic design and visual layout

  • Advance Directory System
  • Directory categories and advance search filters
  • Over 400 listings inputs
  • Customized listing layout

  • eCommerce with payment gateway.

  • Subscription setup

  • Featured sliders and text animations

Website Build:

Project Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, Directory system with search filters, Embedded optimized videos,  custom links and social media links, Logo Design, Animated infographics, eCommerce and payment system, Email Subscription setup.