Project Description

Mahina Sailing

Holy Grail Games is an international creator and sales of Board Games. With multiple layers of advance systems including ecommerce store, advance security firewalls, integrated social feed, bilingual language options and much more; is one of Blooming Mind Media’s largest project. Opened for sales and viewing in 2 regions and languages, each page has fully customized layouts, animations, videos, and mapping. We have worked along side with the Holy Grail Games team closely and the site is certified according to rules for the protection of personal data inside and outside the EU.

John Neal started Mahina Sailing as a ocean expedition and consultation service to the public. These services requires extensive information and booking contracts beforehand. So it is critical for us to make a site that is easy to navigate, represent their services clearly, and beautiful for Mahina to grab the attention of possible patrons. We used full screen sliders and backgrounds with boxed texts according to the color theme. We also created an extensive achieve of their books and travel log blog that is easy for Mahina to use and update on the go.

Project details:

  • Extensive graphic design and visual layout
  • Integrated social media feed embedment.
  • Embedded background and video
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blog system
  • Links to files and documents

Project Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Photoshop, Embedded Optimized Videos, Custom Links and social Media Links and Feed Embedment, Blog.